Here we go…

I’ve felt on edge most of the day which is very unlike me. I’ve been happy then a bit snappy then a bit low….ah I thought, the rollercoaster ride has begun already. I know why- my fertility meds start tonight (I’ve decided not to call them infertility meds anymore- sooo negative!). 

The husband is away so I’m having a weekend with just myself and my little girl. She is such good company and has made me laugh and (mostly) kept my mind on her. We have been out and about and  seen pregnant people and new born babies- my daughter pointed them out to me all day. I’m taking all these as positive signs. Please let them be positive. 

We return home, put our pjs on and it’s story time. All I can think  is that as soon as I’m finished I’m off downstairs to prepare my first injection. Yikes!

Now I know I’ve done this all before but I feel nervous. Reading and re-reading the instructions, checking the dose again and again. 

I lay it all out on the counter. This could change our lives I think. It really really could. Right concentrate I think just get on with it!

So it’s done, the first of many injections. I didn’t like it. Last time I had no problem, I was excited by it all, so positive and hopeful. I really didn’t doubt I wouldn’t get pregnant. But I didn’t and it really took the wind from my positive sails. 

Don’t get me wrong I’m not being negative just more realistic. I know the chances are low but there is still a chance. So here we go off on the rollercoaster 🎢! 


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