I can feel it working!

So third injection tonight. I’m sure I can feel it working. I’m not surprised considering the massive dose I’m on compared to others…yes I did it. I googled and looked at forum sites. I also read a comment about Menopur and it’s origin 😳. Then I of course stuck that in the Google too! Well I never, the answer is very weird indeed but as long as it works I’m not too concerned where it comes from 👵🏻💦.  I did screenshot it and send it to my closest friends in the know, which gave them ammunition to literally take the p#~%! (Sorry but just had to use it!). 

I don’t know what is up with me on this round. I keep thinking I’m going to forget to take my fertility medication. Am I just busy? Is my mind somewhere else to help me cope? Three days in and I haven’t forgotten as yet so all is good. 

A school mum friend invited me for coffee today. Weirdly she is the blogger who I sought advice from on how to set it up. She’s so lovely, she asked how the blogging was going but was savvy enough not to ask about the subject. I was really torn whether or not to tell her. I decided against it for now. Only my closest friends know. 

Anyway that’s all for today, off to sleep now to help my little body cope. Please let them be working. 


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