I’m not sure now 

Is it working? I thought they were but I’m not so sure today. Argh I just don’t know anymore. I can’t sleep either. Really trying to look after myself but I can’t sleep and that is stressing me. 

Its day 5 of Menopur and also the day I start the Cetrotide. I’m worrying about all the injections- am I doing it right? What about the little bit left in the syringe? Will that make any difference? Have I  mixed them correctly? I suppose I will find out on Friday- first scan to see what’s happening inside. Husband was asking if I wanted him there- it’s up to you I replied. I’m feeling a little bit alone in this journey. That sounds really sad I know. 

Anyway here I am just wondering if all this medication is working and if I’m doing it right. Roll on Friday!  🎢 


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