So they are working…a little

Yesterday was my first scan to see if I had grown any follicles. The husband came with me and looked very shocked that it was an internal scan. In his usual funny way he asked if I needed a hand taking my underwear off! It made me laugh and brought me back to normality- this was just what I needed. 

There were about 8 follicles. One was ready, measuring about 19mm. The others were a bit small.  It was decided three more days of stimming then scan again on Monday. 

I’m not really sure how I feel. I’m still quite level- not negative but not positive. 

Tonight after the injections I started to do the whole Google thing. It was actually quite good for me. There were many stories of good outcomes even though they had a small number of follicles. From what I can gather I’m a “poor responder”… typical I thought 🙄. But do you know what? All we need is just one perfect egg. Surely I must have one?! It’s not too much to ask for. C’mon little egg! Please be there!

I’ve been well looked after today too which helps. Started with a lie in until 9. Then I sorted the kitchen and put a slow cooker dinner on. Went for an hour long walk for some fresh air and rang my mum to update her. So many questions! Visited our local park where they were fundraising – love to support local charities. Made gingerbread with my little girl. Watched some tv and now I’m in bed drinking some milk and feel quite tired. 

Two more sleeps then back for another scan. Grow follicles grow! 🎢


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