When I learnt to ride a horse at the age of 10 ish I was entered into a jimcana. Now I wasn’t particularly good at riding, or confident but I like to give these things a go! My assigned pony was called Trigger. Geee whizz did he go when the gun was fired! I’ve never forgotten him and never been on a horse 🐴 since. 

Scan day today. Husband came with me again, this time told me not to put any skiddies on the couch 🙄, so I whacked him with my knickers. Four decent follicles, strangely only on my left side. Weird but hey ho. Egg collection booked in for Wednesday morning so it was the last of my injections tonight. Last Menopur and Cetrotide. The all important trigger shot at 9.30 pm. That’s it, end of the injection ride. Got off it and feel ok- just. 

So now I wait my turn to join the egg collection rollercoaster ride. I’m still level. The clinic were excited for me and gave me positive vibes. 

Last time I cried when I came round. I’m hoping to laugh on Wednesday. Like I want to be in hysterics- seriously I do. I woke myself up laughing the other morning- it was a brilliant feeling. 

Treated myself to a new starry dressing gown (living the high life) and have asked the husband to pick up some M&S sandwiches tomorrow. I fancy beef and horseradish (sorry vegetarian and vegan peeps) but it’s the first one that popped into my head. 

I’m a bit scared that there will be no eggs. In fact I’m lying. Im really scared. Well only one way to find out. I think I better get on it 🎢. 


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