3 more sleeps

I had the 2 embryos transferred last Saturday so I’m nearly at the end of the 2 ww. It hasn’t been that bad and I am grateful that I’ve actually got to this point. But I have been here before. 

Last time I didn’t get to test as the dreaded AF visited. 

Now here I am with only 3 more sleeps until I can test. I’ve actually been ok- kept busy, early nights and decent food. Today I’ve felt nauseous. This gives me hope. But I don’t want hope, I just want to know either way. You see hope makes me dream, makes me feel warm and excited for the future. I felt so much hope last time and for no reason. I was devasted. Told I should use donor eggs. Facing a future that I didn’t want to believe. 

This wait is tough. Only 3 more sleeps I keep telling myself. Night night all x


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